yesterday my mother's birthday
long live my queen!!!
i dedicated this post to her, incase she found this blog one day and read this
these are my thoughts when suddenly i miss u and all about u...
Actually I've posted but then i decided to make it draft.
But today, here they are...
Uni's were suck without u mom....
U taught me everything mom....
U're the best example, role model and idol


after highschool (not) everything change.

saya cakap dengan mak nak pakai tudung hitam everyday pergi kuliah. i did it.

saya cakap dengan mak nak pakai kasut hitam sahaja pergi kuliah, sneakers. i did it.

its always be mom, but she is the second person I told everything after dad. i should have more pictures with my queen. sekarang bila jauh dah rindu. but picture je is not enough....

i miss baking with you.
i miss home :(

I am my father daughter but everywhere I go people told me I look like my mom. <3